Tuesday, May 31

Scary read.

Seems to be worth looking into.

I remember reading Pet Semintary years ago, dozing off, only to awakened by something catlike brushing by me. Nothing out of the ordinary except I didn't have any pets at the time.


Friday, May 27

Phone face.

Where in the hell is my phone? Posted by Hello

Amy lost the remote unit months ago. I need to use the phone. The remaining main unit is missing. Amy is at work. Paging it is out of question. The battery is dead. My collectable Stone's phone saves the day.

Wednesday, May 25

Ready for planting. May 2005.

Cubbie Bear Posted by Hello
Neighbor roto-tilled. View from back yard. All ready to plant.

I put in onions, green beans, cucumbers, dill, parsley, chives,
and sunflowers. Plants should be in next week.
Sunday, May 22, 2005.

What do I keep?

A sign of summer's coming are the TV finales.

(notes to myself)
Newest tape has the two hour 24 final, the one hour House final, a two hour Tarantino CSI and last week's Without a Trace.
Tape -2 has a couple of 24's, a House just before the Chi McBride loop, last week's 24, last Gilmore Girls and the penultimate House.
Tape-3 has 24, House, two hour Lost and and last Alias.

WXRT Radio Chicago - 4th Of July 2005

The same venue where the replacements broke up...

Friday, May 20

Rolling Stones

Brown Sugar Posted by Hello

Great day to be a Stone's fan.
This friday's feature is the Rolling Stones!
Where else,
WXRT. All day.

Thursday, May 19

Bridge photo contest

Richmond Illinois Bridge Posted by Hello

I took this in 2004.

It was for the McHenry County Historical Society photo contest.

The subject: Old Bridges.
(A couple of years ago it was "Old Barns".)
I thought this was the best of my entries.
I lost. Anyway, there were a lot of good pictures.
They all are part of the traveling show.
A look at the county the way it used to be .

Tuesday, May 17

Prince theme goes on longer than I anticipated.

Saw this in my email. Purple Reign . HOUSE needs another viewing. Probably the best so far. Glad I taped it.

Some days I'm lucky... Sadly too few.

"To most people, that Wisconsin quarter jingling in their pockets or purses is worth exactly 25 cents. .."


I bring that up because I just won one today. Yeh!! Wonder if it is a virtual one??


I think she thinks I'm from Wisconsin?