Wednesday, September 6

Standing on the rope.

Moonie with fire. Posted by Picasa

I think the fire juggling was easier than getting up on the tightrope.

Moonie the Magnificent.

Moonie. Posted by Picasa

Hard to get a picture of him without ping pong balls in his cheeks.

Good whistler, funny guy.

Trademark part of act.

Broon juggling. Posted by Picasa

A lit torch, a bowling ball and an apple that was tossed to him by an audience member. He eats the apple as he juggles all three items.

He used to specialize in being hung upside down from a tree in a straitjacket. Until he fell.


Broon. Posted by Picasa

Beginning of Broon's act. More the standup, less the props.

Faire portrait.

All of us. Posted by Picasa

Me, Cory, Anthony, Nicki, Shanda, Amy, Clint, Lucas, Steph, Todd.

Beer break. We got a nice patron to take the picture. (came out better than most of mine)

Rope ladder.

Clint's so not climbing. Posted by Picasa

He couldn't do this 10 years ago, why should he expect to now, especially after a couple of beers?

Don't slip.

Must have come close! Posted by Picasa

Amy, Shanda and part of Nicki.

Amy, Shanda and Steph. Posted by Picasa

Shanda, Steph and Todd. Posted by Picasa

Nail the tomato guy.

The object of the game. Posted by Picasa

Throw tomatoes at him while being insulted by him.

He's mean. The meaner the better. He was good this year.

Example: The three girls get up to the counter to buy tomatoes, he yells out, "auditions for ugly spice are already over." Ha.