Thursday, March 25

Sound logic.

My house reflected in a driveway mud puddle.

Here are some thoughts to accompany it:

If I lived in the house in the puddle,

would sounds be distorted or muddled?

Hearing verse, would it be reversed?

POP staying POP but ON becomes NO.

Sound from above, I’d hear below?

These are just some reflections in H20.

The way I saw it.

(Jack Handey inspired)

Wednesday, March 10

De Colores: Circle of Round.

Once, long ago there was a group of cursillistas (those who've just attended a Cursillo weekend) in Spain riding home on a bus, singing and rejoicing, when the weather turned....a frightening storm with lightning and thunder had them huddling together in the bus on the side of the road, and even halted their singing. But when the storm was over, the clouds parted and the sun peeked through.

As the tension lessened, one cursillista looked out the window at the farm they had parked in front of; and there saw a rooster, resplendent in colour in the sparkling aftermath of the storm.

Singing and shouting 'De Colores!' the cursillistas began to rejoice again, writing a 70-verse song of praise and rejoicing in the shining colors of a little rooster!

Hence, the greeting, De Colores.

I'd like to think this carousel horse would flourish in the colorful world mentioned above.

Really close.

Full right.

Horses of a different color HODC benefited the Main Stay Therapeutic Riding Program, Inc, in cooperation with the city of Woodstock, Illinois.

This one was called Circle of Round by Nancy L. Steinmeyer of Bull Valley, IL.
I included thumbnails below for a better perspective.

Horse head Full right. Closeup. Left side.