Thursday, June 29

Watercolored barn.

Haunted? Posted by Picasa

Nice thing about blogs. You can have nothing to say and still make an entry.

For instance: I had this nice old barn picture I took last week. I do enjoy looking at my own pictures but still needed to add some text that would go along with it. Kinda like trees and Sail'n S
hoes. Or a cat and Squeeze. I'm sure you get the picture. Ha. Faux non sequitur. (a little French for our friends the French on Independence Day Weekend)

Anyway, I was saying that I took this picture last week. I was using Picassa2 to view it and happened to zoom in on a window. I swear I can see something ghostly in the window over the door. Too bad there are no ghost - photo - contests going on. Must a trick of my eye.

4th of July this coming week. Love the days off, the cooking outdoors, the dodging of mosquitos with West Nile Virus, the misty rainy afternoons, and the first view of the sun for the holiday weekend (usually appearing gloriously in the western sky about 2 hours before it is going to set). Summer in Illinois.

Saturday, June 24

Powerful orange thing.

Never plowed a field. Posted by Picasa

I think Angie and Amy have been the front picture long enough. Time to replace them with smoking hot tractors.

These pictures are from our yearly Hebron Fest. The pulling track adjoins the new town park. That's in the former cornfield that has been sold to developers. Where many houses will be built. Where new residents will complain about the noise and smoke of the tractor pull. Can't wait.


John Deere getting excited. Posted by Picasa

And I can't burn leaves on Saturday?

No emission controls in the county. Posted by Picasa

No, there were no girls and buffalo wings in the trailer. This is a small town.

Tuesday, June 20

Shake it like a polaroid picture.

Courtesy of Hans and the Hormones; an excellent local band. HERE Posted by Picasa

Yes, that's Amy on the right. Sure seems to have fun. Maybe I should just follow her around week to week hitting all the parties, festivals, fairs, etc. Anyway, summer has begun.

This was at Hebron Fest. An all weekend festival with beer, food, games, live music and fireworks on Saturday.

On Sunday, in what is quickly becoming a tradition for us, we head back there to use up any beer and food tickets left over from the night before and watch the tractor pulls. Pictures of smoke belching super modified tractors to follow later.

Life in a rural area. So noisy yet peaceful.

Friday, June 9


Amy - smile. Now watch the race. Posted by Picasa

She used a glass to drink her beer (not a bucket). Civilized. I brought her up right.

Thursday, June 8

Have a beer with that bucket?

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Glasses are a little bigger than I remember. I only had a couple of beers.
(Identity of the drinkers obscured to protect the innocent.)
By the way, get a load of those hands.

Blurring colors.

Early evening. Posted by Picasa
I like to think they are going around at 180 miles per hour and I have really good eyes. Actually they get up to about half that but you can see them when they go by. These kind of races are fun to watch.