Thursday, December 15

Music misc.

Mick and stubs
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My Christmas shopping is almost done. I hate Christmas shopping. The only good thing is when I buy gift certificates at Circuit City I usually get myself a CD. This time I got the new White Stripes with Walking with a Ghost on it. Excellent cover of a fairly new Tegan and Sara song.

Instead of an amusing shopping anecdote, (Mainly since nothing noteworthy happens when I shop; I go in stores and spend money - period) why not something about music? Just watched Big Fish. Feel wordy for some reason.

Here's a picture of some of my rock related stuff I've saved over the years. Old ticket stubs, magazines, etc. Mick without wrinkles. Can't believe the prices in those days. A concert 6.00 to 15.00 dollars? You could afford to go to one almost every night. For a few years we almost did.

Majestic Hills (ski hill) - Lake Geneva Wis. had live music two or three times a week. Groups like the Who (pre Tommy), Mountain, Beach Boys, Guess Who, Deep Purple, Youngbloods, Cheap Trick, Jethro Tull, Eric Burton and the Animals, and whomever else was popular in those days. Unfortunately I didn't save any ticket stubs in those days. I only have my membership card with my name and address carefully filled in. It was pretty much out in the sticks so we also were able to get away with underage drinking in the parking lot. Single beers sold out a trunk went for a buck. The other drink of choice was Ripple. Do they even make that anymore?

I still add to my collection but at a much slower rate. Maybe one or two stubs a year.

Now, Alpine Valley north of Lake Geneva is the place to go. It's near by and they pull in major acts. Last summer (2004) I won two tickets (from WXRT) to see the remaining Grateful Dead. A meet and greet and then seats ON STAGE. I brought Clint. We sat / stood just on the other side of the wall of speakers - about 20 feet from the band. I took some pictures but most of them were too dark.

Alpine seating is mostly going up the slope of a big hill. (it's another ski place) It was cool looking out at 30,000 people as the sun slowly set. Beautiful place. Sad that a lot of people remember it as the place Stevie Ray Vaughan died in a helicopter crash.