Tuesday, November 23

Code Unknown.

Code Unknown (Code inconnu: Récit incomplet de divers voyages)

Code Unknown: Incomplete Tales of Several Journeys (Code inconnu: Récit incomplet de divers voyages) is a 2000 film directed by Michael Haneke. Most of the story occurs in Paris, France, where the fates of several characters intersect and connect. Cinematically, the film is composed of unedited long takes filmed in real time, cut only when the perspective within a scene changes from one character's to another in mid-action.

The first street scene lasting nine minutes (reminding me of the long takes in the movie Children of Men) introduces four of the main characters. As things develop in the scene I was drawn in to it’s realism. It was more like watching real life taped with a video camera than a movie scene.

As in most Michael Haneke movies, the main characters are named Anne and Georges. The star of this movie is Juliette Binoche who plays Anne. (She is also an Anne in Heneke’s 2005 movie Cache.)

Code Unknown, like Cache, left me confused at the end though with both of them I enjoyed the ride.

Wednesday, November 10

Cutting room floor.

A couple more pictures I took for Art of the Land photo contest.

I just went back to look at them all again and liked these two:

Here is a link to the photo entries: HERE (takes you to video of link.)

Monday, November 8

Fall Night and Dark Pets.

Dark Night and Fall Pets would work too.

Saturday night Clint and Chad stopped
by for a visit. Holly too (a little later).

Drinks in the driveway with
a fire keeping the chill off. Nice night.

Thanks Clint for bringing beer.
Thanks Chad for only bringing
lemonade for your mixed drinks. 

I later took this picture of
Cubbie (the lab) and Teddy (the cat).

Cubbie never likes looking at the camera
(thinking it might steal his soul?)

Teddy never photographs well
because he's so black.

I set the camera to b/w mode and
used the flash - since it was pretty dark.

I like it overall except for the leaves.

With the black and grays,
they almost look like layers of burnt ashes.

Thursday, November 4

An illuminating fall.

I usually associate fall with bright autumn colors and shorter days.

This should brighten (and lighten) things up;

Moon flower pods and Chinese lanterns.

Straight from the garden.

I picked as I was cleaning up brush so I could find and dig up my dahlia bulbs.

As much as I try to keep order, by end of summer my dahlias are entwined with moon flowers,
morning glories, and new this year, thunbergia vines.

Tuesday, November 2

Save the rows.

High winds through the midwest blows.
Corns ready for harvest. Save the rows.

We had really strong winds on Tues and Wed, October 26-27, 2010.
I took this on the edge of town just after work.
Can't see the wind and the clouds were more ominous the day before (26th) but I like the low light and winding country road.