Thursday, July 29

Pronounally vague.

I love Sundays in the summer. The light is great for reading. (I hardly need my reading glasses in the bright sun.)

I like to have NPR on in the background, a cold drink on a table beside my lawn chair, and my feet propped up on the picnic table. Heaven.

I'm currently reading Stephen King's Under the Dome. Quite a long book with countless characters and plot lines. There is a descriptive map and who's who list at the beginning of the book. I find myself going back to look things or people up.

I read at a leisurely pace, taking time out for cool off breaks with the hose or frig (drink refills).

Last Sunday I ran across a curious phrase that interested me enough to make note of the page number. It was 719.

(I have a pretty good memory so I do things like that for later reference.)

Page 719

Jackie: …if he came across Jim Rennie flaming in the street, he wouldn’t piss on him to put him out.

Piper: "Pronounally vague but otherwise colorful."

(I take it to mean Jackie's he's and him's could have been better chosen and used more sparingly. The sentence was confusing but made sense. )

Anyway, a couple days later I was thinking about the book and googled "Under the Dome 719".

I was surprised to see this came up: LINK HERE

Pronounally ambiguous was the subject and the bits of dialogue that I thought interesting were being discussed by a few people (obviously Stephen King fans.)

Made me feel good I noticed the strangeness of the phrase and wasn't alone in doing it.

Thursday, July 8

Mudding on the 4th weekend.

4th of July 2010 (actually Saturday July 3rd.)
Party at Clint and Jenni's.

Lots of good music, drink, and later fireworks.
A common theme all through the day was the 4-wheeling mudding in the adjoining flooded field.

Clint and Toyota.

Above is Clint in his Toyota.
There were a lot of people walking around with muddy arms and / or legs by the end of the night.

Clint above taking a break.

Street Jeep.
Above: Some friends of Clint took what I thought to be an almost stock Jeep through the mud.

Made it.


Clint and Matt taking laps around the pond.

Later that night they had an almost surreal look because all you could make out were the headlight(s) moving slowly through the darkness.

(Reminded me a bit of Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid where they couldn't shake their trackers - they could see them in the distance carrying torches).

HERE is a link to Marseilles, Illinois for the off-road track they visit many times a year.

In the dark.