Wednesday, February 25

Ryan (don't call me Bryan) plus more.

Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore were in the news last week: they got engaged.

Mandy is so cute.

Ryan hates it when in concert people request "Summer of '69".

(Mainly because he is NOT BRYAN Adams.)

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Magick:

(he is leaving the band in March 2009, partially because of Meniere's disease).

I thought he sounded a bit like Jesse Malin, who does the next song,

(for whom Ryan has (coincidentially to me) produced records for).

Don't let them take you down:

Broken Radio, featuring Bruce Springsteen:

Thursday, February 19

Roger members Gene.

I can't believe it will be 10 years tomorrow Gene Siskel passed away.

A sad day for movie lovers.

Paired with Roger Ebert, they made up Siskel & Ebert at the Movies.

They popularized the positive review phrase, "two thumbs up".

Roger Ebert writes a quite interesting and lengthy article about himself and Gene Siskel.

Click below at the link.


From so what the fuss

The article mentioned was how much a Chicago Bulls fan Gene Siskel was.

One of my favorite basketball shots is Dennis Rodman going all out for the ball.

Directly under his chest, front row, is Gene Siskel enjoying the game.

Wednesday, February 11

Ezra Furman: Take off your sunglasses.

Ezra Furman & the Harpoons are a three-piece rock band composed of Ezra Furman (guitar and vocals), Job Mukkada (bass guitar), and Adam Abrutyn (drums).

Ezra is a Chicago native.

I've heard this a couple times now. I like the distinct vocals.

From NPR's World Cafe:

February 6, 2008 -

Ever since the band first formed in the dormitory halls of Tufts University, Ezra Furman and the Harpoons' music has been rooted in confrontational and challenging songs that can evoke everything from blues to punk to pop music.

The group's latest album, Banging Down the Doors, came out this past summer.

It's earned comparisons to Violent Femmes and found fan at Paste magazine, which calls the album "frightening" and "brilliant."

Friday, February 6

15 Second Video: Cubbie and banks.

TARP I guess our snow BANKS don't qualify. Damn.

Cubbie doing 15 second videos last Sunday. We have fun together in the snow. I think 15 seconds is just long enough.

Stills (pictures) saved with Picassa3 off video clips. Great software I don't use enough. Really good captures a frame at a time.

Cubbie with his weathered ball:

From Cubbie, ball, snow.

Get ready.

From Cubbie, ball, snow.


From Cubbie, ball, snow.

Get the tongue out.

From Cubbie, ball, snow.

Finally ready:

From Cubbie, ball, snow.

And a two part 15 second video: Throw

and Find.