Thursday, June 30

Rama and petunias.

Rama - petunias. Posted by Picasa

I've tried growing wave petunias. They look great
when you buy them. They cost too much.

Once summer hits they self destruct. They grow
too fast and turn brown from the bottom up. These
volunteers must have come up from my dead heading
of my hanging baskets from last year.

Rama is Amy's cat. He could care less about
the flowers. He is just a cat.

Wednesday, June 29

Father's day treat.

The perfect home grown strawberry.
Thanks Steff (Amy's friend over on father's day.)
We are killing time before going to the Hebron Day's truck pull. Posted by Picasa

Delicious. Father's day 2005. Acually Steff ate it. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 23

Whew. I was worried.

Melting icebergs. Dire warnings from scientists.

I used to worry for my kids and their future.
Not any more.
Our President is a wise man.

Bush set to shun G8 allies on global warming.

Friday, June 17

I love a bargin.

What did I do before Ebay? Or the internet?

99 cents. New, still in wrapper.

The S T E R E O P H O N I C S Language. Sex. Violence. Other?

I also found a first edition of Dexter for under 5 bucks.

Thursday, June 2

Living vicariously.

Summer's guilty pleasures have officially started.

What are these people thinking?
Anyway, I enjoy the show.
If only to root against all of them.
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