Monday, October 17


Took Sunday afternoon, 11-16-11. Beautiful day, big clouds.  I will add more pics later. 

Late in coming, these strawflowers are really taking off.

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Friday, September 30

The winds are coming.

September 29th, looking northeast. High winds were moving into the area. 
(After the fact, it wasn't too bad a wind storm.)

I just got home and caught these passing overhead just before all turned dark and sprinkles started.

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Wednesday, September 28

Clouds on Raffle.

I don't know if it's just me, but there seems to be a lot of good cloud days lately.

I took these Saturday on the way home from work and errands.

In town they looked like a range of white mountains. 

I had to get out in the country a bit to really appreciate.

From fun

Eleanor Friedberger, My Mistakes.

"Like he said it was back in 56..." I like in 2-0-11.

Eleanor Friedberger (born September 2, 1976 in Oak Park, Illinois) is part of the indie rock duo The Fiery Furnaces with her brother Matthew Friedberger.

You know i do my best thinking when i'm flying down the bridge.
Humming to myself and kicking up my kicks
..have to... for my life
I hope i won't crush like another summer,
I'm back on the bridge was just a wooden half,
Like he said it was back in 56.

I thought i'd learnt from my mistakes,
I thought he'd learnt from my mistakes,
I thought you'd give me the right advice,
I thought he let me in for one last time.

Thursday, July 28

Thursday, July 14

Storm day 2011-07-11

Monday morning the 11th of July , 2011, we had a derecho pass through Northern Illinois.

We didn't get it as bad as neighboring towns - 800,000 people affected. Scores of trees and power lines down.

As of Friday there were still a few people without power. I was lucky to only be without power Monday.

This was taken Monday evening. The storm was long gone but after a sunny and pleasant afternoon and evening, the eeire looking clouds followed. Plenty of time to take pics since with no power there wasn't much to do inside.

Thursday, June 23

Bent farm.

Bent farm. by sowhatthefuss
Bent farm., a photo by sowhatthefuss on Flickr.

Local farm. Taken with 3 shot exposure bracket. (That saved me, otherwise single shot would have been too dark.)