Friday, July 22

What's good today? And not.

Heard a new Stones song this morning. A++
Hope they add a concert in Chicago. I need tickets.

Last night:

I finally sit down to watch a baseball game and the Sox lose. Lost to
the BoSox. The White Sox are still in first place. But they will have
to beat Boston this fall in the playoffs. Can't make mistakes.

Actually I like Boston too. Anybody but the Yankees.

I'm also a Cubs fan. They lost to Cincy yesterday afternoon.
The Cubs need every win they can scrap together to capture
the wild card. It doesn't look good. And on top of that, one
of their best pitchers, Kerry Wood, reinjured his shoulder.


Anyway during commercials I watched Criss Angel - Mind Freak.
I had taped it on Wednesday. Not bad. He has the rock star hair and
strut. There were a lot of levitation tricks. How does he do that?

Some of the scene lead in / lead outs showed short flashes of
circus type characters walking, gathering on a cracked barren
desert, a salt flats like surface. This reminded me of a Ray Bradbury
book. Fat ladys and midgets are scary. Too scary.

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