Saturday, November 26


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Nice picture of a barn twisted around a silo.

I desperately needed to get past my last picture. A Seinfield. Anyway, keep posting and the old ones will eventually disappear off the page. Kind of like keeping talking after saying something stupid. Eventually no one will notice or remember it.

Thanksgiving totally uneventful. Lots of good food and drinks. My cheese and crackers were as usual a hit and a good tradeoff for all the leftovers I brought home.

Got the icicle lights out. It's going to be warm this weekend. I hate starting to decorate for christmas so early but would rather do it now compared with freezing my flesh to the old Arrow T50 later. That part of my plan was working; until until I found 4 out of 5 strings of light didn't work. Damn. Do I risk a sunday trip to Menards for ten dollars worth of lights this black shopping weekend? With all the crazy shoppers out this weekend? Or do I put it off? I don't even know myself.

Happy holidays. In fact, screw that. Merry Christmas instead.

I live for January 2nd.


Mike Todd said...

Happy Christmas, man. I think everyone feels your pain about waiting for the bad posts to scroll off the bottom. Cool shot.

Mike Todd said...

I meant on their own blogs, of course, not yours. Just clarifying.