Saturday, February 18

cOld glory.

COld glory.
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Might as well be patriotic - the Olympics are running now.

  • Just yesterday Lindsey Jacobellis hot-dogged way out of a certain gold medal in snowboarding. She still got second and will be better known for that than if she finished first. Half the fun of watching the sport is the showboating. It's still just a sport.

The flag is flying proudly in my neighbor's yard, having survived the terrible hoarfrost of January 22. (I'm milking this storm until it gets warm enough to take new pictures.)

Today the temperature is hovering around zero. That's much too cold for the 18th of February.

Good news:

Daytona (Nascar) starts up it's season tomorrow. The opposite of football, Nascar starts the season with it's Superbowl (biggest race).

It's turning into a perfect weekend - too cold to do anything and racing is starting up.


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Mike Todd said...

That's a really cool pic, man. I feel more patriotic already.