Tuesday, May 23

Sailin' shoes.

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I was driving down a country road between Harvard and Woodstock. I saw a tree in the distance with what I thought were huge birds perched in it (or upon later review, they looked like they were hanging upside down). Anyway, it was a tree full of shoes. Why, I don't know.

You've got to put on your sailin shoes
Put on your sailing shoes
Everyone will start to cheer
When you put on your sailin' shoes

by "Little Feat"

I bought the record when it came out in the '70's. Lowell George was still alive. The album design is now considered pretty artsy for it's time. Won top 10 alltime album cover on one site. Classic, simple, strange. Everything but worth much. This is the cover. by Neon Park.

It made up some of the music we listened to as we drove around country roads getting high (on life). Thirty years later I see shoes in a tree (while driving around) and think "Sailin' shoes". Some kind of symmetry going on.


melodyann said...

I LOVE that tree!!! I have something like it at home, except.. well it's a floor, see, with a lot of SHOES thrown around on it........ I never took any pictures of it though. Cause there's some other stuff there too, like, bras and socks, maybe a piece of pizza crust or two..

busterp said...

More I think of it, it does resemble my kid's rooms floor. The green threw me off at first.