Saturday, October 28

Trick or treat or die.

Pumpkin head. Or is it pumpkinhead?

Pumpkin head scarecrow on top of the garage.

Keeping the space warm for the upcoming Christmas lights.

Too soon for me.

Have a happy Halloween. (I walk out in the dark each night to unplug him before I go to bed. Can I move the grill or lawn chairs that are in my path during the light hours of the day? No. I just maneuver around them blindly in the dark. Most of the time I miss them. Most of the time. Maybe I'll move them this afternoon. Yea sure.)

Note: There is now a gap of about two months from the last post. This stupid pumpkin head post wiped out my last dozen posts. Oh well, it was only my "blue" period. They're be more clouds.


mellowlee said...

Oh nooo, it wiped out your posts? That's crazy. Blogger has been acting crazy lately tho. I love the pumpkin. I will start decorating for halloween when I get a house :)

olivia said...

That's awful that it did that!!! It has been doing some really strange stuff, but I've not heard of losing posts entirely! Eek ... Those cloud posts were lovely too ...

Happy Halloween!