Friday, February 23

Short cuts. (apologies to R. Altman)

Shaved heads. Women. A short list.

  • Natalie Portman: Movies, V for Vendetta
  • Sigourney Weaver: Movies, Alien 3
  • Demi Moore: Movies, GI Jane
  • Sinead O’Connor: Singer, a look.
  • Me’Shell NdegOcello: Singer, (I remember her song Wild Night with John Mellencamp).
  • Kylie Minogue: Breast Cancer.
  • Persis Khambatta: Movies, Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
  • Britney Spears: ??? unknown. Pressures? Quite an understatement I'm sure.

The following video is of Craig Ferguson, Late Late Show host discussing Britney Spears. He talks about a decision he made to just leave her alone. No jokes about her.

I totally agree. There are plenty of other things in this world we can make fun of. She seem to be very troubled and vulnerable right now. There is no reason to kick her while she's down (or anytime for that matter).

On the self assured side of the scale, one example could be Sinead O’Connor. Like her or not, she stands up for what she believes in.

The following is “No man’s woman”, from the Alias TV show. Alias featured another take charge woman: Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Gardner). I'd have no problem with Sydney covering my back anytime. Kick ass Sydney! Ha.

I love how it paid homage to Run Lola Run

(with my original favorite redhead, Franka Potente).


olivia said...

Hi rob. Natalie is a beautiful woman, hair or no hair. I saw that clip of Craig Ferguson and I also agree. At this point it's just really, really sad to see what has happened to her. And we can't forget that she is a mommy to two little kids. They're going to be affected by this too.

Hope you have good w/e there.

olivia said...

Of course I was referring to Britney above, not Natalie (other than the looking good bald part) ... gah. :)

busterp said...

Natalie's so cute. I've liked her since The Professional (about the Jodi Foster age in Taxi Driver)

I did know what you meant. And agree. I'll probably never own a Britney Cd but feel sorry for her. Just a kid.

Toccata said...

Brtney just seems lost. One wonders what on earth happened to her and I know she's in her twenties but where are her folks? I think if I were to start melting down in the same way my family would gather round and knock some sense into me and if that didn't work lock me in my room until I smartened up. I just hope her kids are safe and well looked after.

Deb said...

you know, sounds cliche but the whole child star thing is what I'm reminded of. Too much, too soon in life. It just seems to get a hold of so many who were thrust into that life early on.

I wouldn't wish it on my kids. And tc I agree...the parents should get more involved (although, there may be nothing they can do - she's an adult). I'd sure be trying if I were them.

Women on the Verge said...

My blogging partner is more into the movie star thing than I am... politics and science are more my thing...all I can offer is that Natalie is an amazingly beautiful woman no matter what... the thing with Britney and Anna Nicole, etc is it's just plain sad... their kids are the ones to suffer the most. And tragically they're the ones without a choice in this.

E of wotv

busterp said...

I think it's agreed, the kids will probably suffer.

Hi E of wotv. I love semicolons and probably misuse them most of the time. Ha.

I'll check out wotv later, looks interesting and funny.

Johnny Yen said...

Wow! I'd heard about the Ferguson clip, but took the time to watch it yesterday on your blog-- very powerful, and timely. My wife got a series of phone calls yesterday from her best friend from her hometown (Minneapolis), who spent the day on a bender, joined at some point by my wife's ex-boyfriend. It's sad-- both hover right above bottoming out, and are totally spinning their wheels in life.

In any event, thanks for the link-- very powerful.