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The plot of this movie is pretty basic: art dealer, Madeleine (Embeth Davidtz), meets George (Alessandro Nivola) at her gallery in Chicago. They fall in love and get married. His family from North Carolina doesn’t attend the wedding.

A few months later Madeleine hears of a folk artist in the Winston-Salem area of North Carolina. He seems to have a “Grandma Moses” like potential and she wants to meet him and sign in up for his art.

This would be a good excuse to also meet George’s family. Peg (Celia Weston) is the mom, Eugene (Scott Wilson) is her husband. Johnny (O’C’s Ben McKenzie) is George’s younger brother. Ashley (Amy Adams) is Johnny’s newly wed, pregnant wife.

Amy Adams was nominated for an Oscar along with many other awards. She played a naive, inquisitive, small town girl perfectly. Reminded me of a hometown friend I had that peppered me with questions (just like she did to Madeleine) when I got back from college. None stop.

Embeth Davidtz was cast as a cultured, smart, urban woman with a touch of a British accent. Quite different from anyone in George’s family. She tried hard to get to know them all. I liked her part the best.

This is one of the more realistic families I’ve seen in a movie. There is even a scene in the movie when a character wants to tape a TV show and couldn’t because the tab on the VCR tape was broken off. Also scenes of sneaking a smoke. All so true.

And, just like in real life, the movie was it didn’t totally resolve itself at the end.

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Johnny Yen said...

I loved this movie! It was interesting, though-- I ended up disliking Embeth Davidtz' character. Was she completely oblivious to the horrible racism of the artist whose work she was trying to get in her gallery, or just ignoring it because she thought she could make money with it? I found myself wondering, at the end of the movie, if the marriage would last.