Wednesday, February 11

Ezra Furman: Take off your sunglasses.

Ezra Furman & the Harpoons are a three-piece rock band composed of Ezra Furman (guitar and vocals), Job Mukkada (bass guitar), and Adam Abrutyn (drums).

Ezra is a Chicago native.

I've heard this a couple times now. I like the distinct vocals.

From NPR's World Cafe:

February 6, 2008 -

Ever since the band first formed in the dormitory halls of Tufts University, Ezra Furman and the Harpoons' music has been rooted in confrontational and challenging songs that can evoke everything from blues to punk to pop music.

The group's latest album, Banging Down the Doors, came out this past summer.

It's earned comparisons to Violent Femmes and found fan at Paste magazine, which calls the album "frightening" and "brilliant."

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Mike Todd said...

Cool song -- definitely hear some Femmes in there. I'll check these dudes out.