Wednesday, May 6

Ramblin' Gamblin' Man.

Happy Birthday Bob.
The photo above is from his 2007 tour.
We saw him just outside of Chicago. Great show.
Of all his songs, this is my favorite.
Turn the page:

Cars made by Detroit automakers race through his songs.

One of the most famous, "Night Moves," was set in the backseat of a "'60 Chevy."

Years later, Chevrolet turned another Seger song, "Like a Rock," a commercial theme.

On Face the Promise(2006 album), he once again turns to writing about cars, but in not such a positive way.

In "Between," he sings: World keeps getting hotter Ice falls in the sea We buy a bigger engine and say it isn't me.

Seger lauds Al Gore for speaking out about the dangers of global warming and says, "The overuse of oil is just wrecking our economy."

But Seger says he doesn't regret that his "Like a Rock" was used to sell millions of Chevy pickups. "I actually helped my hometown. I saved a lot of jobs."

the majority of this text is (from Morning Edition NPR)

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