Thursday, July 29

Pronounally vague.

I love Sundays in the summer. The light is great for reading. (I hardly need my reading glasses in the bright sun.)

I like to have NPR on in the background, a cold drink on a table beside my lawn chair, and my feet propped up on the picnic table. Heaven.

I'm currently reading Stephen King's Under the Dome. Quite a long book with countless characters and plot lines. There is a descriptive map and who's who list at the beginning of the book. I find myself going back to look things or people up.

I read at a leisurely pace, taking time out for cool off breaks with the hose or frig (drink refills).

Last Sunday I ran across a curious phrase that interested me enough to make note of the page number. It was 719.

(I have a pretty good memory so I do things like that for later reference.)

Page 719

Jackie: …if he came across Jim Rennie flaming in the street, he wouldn’t piss on him to put him out.

Piper: "Pronounally vague but otherwise colorful."

(I take it to mean Jackie's he's and him's could have been better chosen and used more sparingly. The sentence was confusing but made sense. )

Anyway, a couple days later I was thinking about the book and googled "Under the Dome 719".

I was surprised to see this came up: LINK HERE

Pronounally ambiguous was the subject and the bits of dialogue that I thought interesting were being discussed by a few people (obviously Stephen King fans.)

Made me feel good I noticed the strangeness of the phrase and wasn't alone in doing it.

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