Monday, November 8

Fall Night and Dark Pets.

Dark Night and Fall Pets would work too.

Saturday night Clint and Chad stopped
by for a visit. Holly too (a little later).

Drinks in the driveway with
a fire keeping the chill off. Nice night.

Thanks Clint for bringing beer.
Thanks Chad for only bringing
lemonade for your mixed drinks. 

I later took this picture of
Cubbie (the lab) and Teddy (the cat).

Cubbie never likes looking at the camera
(thinking it might steal his soul?)

Teddy never photographs well
because he's so black.

I set the camera to b/w mode and
used the flash - since it was pretty dark.

I like it overall except for the leaves.

With the black and grays,
they almost look like layers of burnt ashes.

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