Monday, September 26

Finn Gabriel.

Nice name. (I'm sure I'll have a picture later. He'll send lots of pictures.)

My best friend from years ago stopped by (from Seattle). Gary. Traveling without Nancy. Anyway, this is his third or fourth grandkid. Finn Gabriel. Strange name but I like it.

Names might be strange at first but they eventually fit the person. This is Tracy's. I remember her singing "It's only rock and roll but I like it" years ago. A very young Tracy.

Bears and Packers. Six games this season. I am 0 - 6 picking them.

White Sox choking but will probably survive. Them vs Indians and Boston, Yankees should good baseball this weekend though I usually don't watch baseball games because they don't mean anything. Is that ironic?

TV: Taped Arrested Development. Again. I haven't seen it this season. Should be on Sunday. Watched Prison Break. Like it. Watched tape of D. Housewives. Like it - though I always did. Looking forward to G. Girls tomorrow. Will tape House and split time between Supernatural and Amazing Race. Skipping woman President show. Might have been good but too bad. I've made my decision. Sorry Geena. You're too smart to be President anyway.

Time to watch the end of Monday Night Football. Missed that pick too. Anyway, I needed to post something using that totally unique name. Finn Gabriel. Have to Google it sometime.

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