Monday, October 10

Yankees lose.

Too bad big spenders. Posted by Picasa

I hate the Yankees. 200+ million payroll. Watch the rest of the playoffs and World Series on TV you losers.

Letterman's top 10 list via Chicago Sun Times:

  • The ''Late Show With David Letterman'' top 10 list of New York Yankees excuses for losing their American League Division Series to the Angels:
  • 10. Angels have developed a secret pitch that curves.
  • 9. Players left logy by clubhouse paella.
  • 8. Aren't used to rat-free outfield.
  • 7. Average player age is 52.
  • 6 . Didn't know if they were playing California Angels, Anaheim Angels or Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
  • 5. Acid reflux.
  • 4. How are you supposed to field a competitive team on $200 million?
  • 3. Due to typo in latest memo, Steinbrenner demanded players give 10 percent.
  • 2. Giambi lost his lucky syringe.
  • 1. Who can concentrate on baseball when hockey is back?

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