Monday, March 12

15 second video. Sunday nothing...

Sunday was warm and Monday, today, was even better. I'm told I should expect freezing weather this weekend. Typical.

I spent most of Sunday taking down my remaining Christmas decorations. Needed a ladder. I was waiting till it got warm. No one wants to see icicle lights hanging from the gutters when Spring approaches. Where did the time go?

While taking down and boxing the lights carefully for next year, I stepped into my next chore. Dog crap. Nothing like melting snow; a beautiful layer of white slowly revealing a forgotten yard and a winter's hidden treasures coming back to view for cleanup. That done, I took a break to watch the Nascar race. Boring video included.

By the way, son Clint went down to Atlanta area where tornadoes hit a couple of weeks ago. I lent him a camera and hope he took some good pictures. Coming soon, maybe... (he went down with someone that might be contracted to help clean up the mess.) There is still a lot of work needed down there.

15 sec vol 1
15 sec vol 2 and 3


Toccata said...

The Inside Edition! That's great. I like your 15 second films.

Have fun with the dog crap. Maybe you contract that one out to Clint!

Deb said...

For a bit of a "behind the scenes" look at the race, go here.

Deb said...
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busterp said...

Thanks Toccata. If you want it done right... Ha.

Hi Deb. Nice set of pictures. Felt like I was there. Do you know the photographer or just find them in flickr?