Sunday, January 28

15 second video. vol 1. Sunday the twenty eighth.

Sunday has its 60 minutes. Good stuff but I hardly watch anymore. Anyway, I have a video thing on my camera but I hardly use it. I can set it for 15 second clips (and except for me watching, that’s probably too long. Spielberg had his Duel - got to begin somewhere.) Starting today, I’m going to take a video each week of something I’m doing. It should be fun the see the seasons change and how boring my Sundays really are. Ha.

Volume one:

Burning the newspapers in a burn barrel. It’s not legal in town but I’ve only been caught once. Usually I would have music playing in the background but the cold out weighed my ambition. It just snowed last night so it’s too crappy out to hit softballs. Today I’m throwing them; left handed while holding the camera (that will explain the wimpy throw). Cubbie tracks them down and returns thru my legs, turns around and gives it back to me (thru my legs). Kinda like a pez dog dispenser. He just finished before time ran out. We both need practice.

The Rolling Stones; Walking the Dog.

An aside: Family Guy had the best cartoon / movie dance routine with the a film clip of Gene Kelly. Stupid show but pushes boundaries. Funny. Never thought I’d like it. Clint sold me on it. Video will follow when it’s posted and I’m sure it will be. (1-29-2007 it is)


Deb said...

well, still having my problems...the video showed up for a minute but after I'd commented on the last post it disappeared. Oh well, I 'm sure it was good.

PezDog...that's great.

I only know the Walking the Dog by Aerosmith...same one? I can't play yours because I can't see it.

My son loves Family Guy and almost has me convinced to watch it too (I try not to let him see me snickering when it's on)

Toccata said...

Cubbie is a movie star! He'll be wanting special perks and pampering if you don't look out. I look forward to seeing more 15 minute videos.

Lexi said...

Good post.