Thursday, April 19

Happy Birthday Flo.

I the pop sound. Maybe that explains my fondness for Death Cab for Cutie but way back then there was The Turtles.

Nowadays, my tastes for music lean more towards new than retro but I always thought The Turtle's songs were enjoyable to listen to. (I hear the name Eleanor and think of Adam Cohen's Low Million's version but there was an earlier Elenore). Note from Wiki: The blissful-sounding "Elenore" may be the only Top Ten single to contain et cetera in it's lyrics. Ha.

Flo turns 60 today.

Mark Volman Born: 19-Apr-1947

Birthplace: Los Angeles

CA Gender: Male

Religion: Presbyterian

Race or Ethnicity: White

Sexual orientation: Straight (I don't remember this being a question 40 years ago. Ha.)

Occupation: Singer

Nationality: United States


Johnny Yen said...

I love the Turtles!

You probably know already that Flo and Eddie have done a ton of backing vocals on a number of other peoples' records, including Springsteen's "Hungry Heart."

One day I heard some version of "Happy Together" on her itunes. I played the original for her, and she loved it. She and I always do the song together when we kaoraoke.

busterp said...

Hi Johnny. I saw that; they also did work with Zappa and T.Rex, among others. Interesting.

Happy Together is timeless and as lyric handicapped as I am, I still can get through most of it. Ha.

Johnny Yen said...

Tonio K (Good Life In the Food Chain, Funky Western Civilization) had a funny story I read in an interview years ago about having to decide the last track on his follow-up to his first album, which had gotten a lot of airplay. He and his band members decided to write the names of the songs on a piece of paper and put a pet hamster into one of those balls that they can walk around in and go with the song the hamster ran his ball over. Tonio K said he was glad the hamster chose the one it did because "we'd paid Flo and Eddie a lot of money to sing on that song."