Saturday, April 28

Spring plann(t)ing.

I'm so behind. Spring came early; 70's then snow. Lately it's been cold, then as it warmed up, wet.

I have dahlia bulbs to plant pretty soon. They spent the winter in the basement. Each spring I hope they remember to start growing sprouts. Sometimes they are late but never have they failed.

I also have to start some morning glory seeds. Soak them in water a couple days till they sprout - score them with a knife first.

An old sandbox in the yard is perfect for wildflower seeds. I like the poppys best.

The hardest thing is figuring out what are wildflowers and what are weeds.


Deb said...

I just received a little piece of paper from Starbucks that has wildflower seeds on it! I was thrilled. My boss also bought me a "mat" of them as well.

You know, if a weed sprouts up that flowers around here, I keep it.

I love your yard/garden...I dream of a yard like that.

Happy planting!

Women on the Verge said...

busterp, I feel your pain... it was 70 then we got a snow storm. This is the latest I've had to wait to get out into the gardens... my hands are itching to get dirty!!


Johnny Yen said...

The seeds from Morning Glories are supposed to have some fun properties.

olivia said...

Beautiful photos ... we're finally getting some warm weather here and the hyacinths are just up and the daffs behind them.

mellowlee said...

I love your flower posts!! Those red dahlias are sooooo beautiful!

Toccata said...

Your yard is absolutely gorgeous. You must have the best time out there during the summer. Ok, so when are you firing up that barbeque? I'll bring the beer.

olivia said...

Oh, I just love those morning glories busterp ...

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