Thursday, December 6

Morning fare (faire).

I always have liked Barbara Walters (though how she thinks Posh Spice is one of the world's top 10 most interesting people totally escapes me).
Quick bit of text from Richard Roeper's column, "...there have to be at least 748 public figures that are more fascinating than the Beckhams. The only thing fascinating about an interview with them would be if David could explain the attraction of a balloon-breasted stick figure who "sang" with one of the worst pop groups of all time."

I thought that was more funny than mean.


Sometimes I wish I was home mornings to watch "The View". Ha.

Kidding on the view, but I really do like Barbara.

This is about new panel member's (Sherri Shepherd) view on Christians and ancient history:

In her defense, I think she was thinking about Adam and Eve.

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