Friday, March 14

Don't share rides with strangers.

I had Wind Chill on my list of movies I wanted to see at Rotten Totmatoes' web site. I found it's a good way to keep track of something I would otherwise forget.

Wind Chill was on last night on Encore but because it was on a digital movie channel, I missed the last 15 minutes of Survivor and all of Lost because I couldn't record another channel at the same time - which I can with regular stations. (I like VCR recording over TiVo because I can keep the tapes as long as I want and lend them to people. If a movie is really good, I'll buy the DVD anyway.)

By the way, I added Kalifornia to this movie review because it also used a college ride board to pair up strangers for sharing travel expenses.

Wind Chill takes the conventions of the haunted house film and transplants them to a dangerous stretch of road where the unfortunate victims of prior events haunt those unwise enough to drive on it.

Director Greg Jacobs's film is the tale of an unnamed young student (Emily Blunt, The Devil Wears Prada) at a Northeastern College in need of a ride home to Delaware for Christmas break.

Deciding to check the ride board, she finds a fellow student (Ashton Holmes, A History of Violence) going her way, though an impending blizzard promises to make their ride treacherous.

Very early into their journey, he opts for a scenic route, only to be run off the road by a reckless driver.

This happens not much after she finds out he had set up the whole ride scenario just to meet and to get to know her (he doesn’t live anywhere near where he is supposedly taking her).

A substantial part of the movie takes part in and around their snow bound car.

I really liked how the movie started out but I think the last third “drifted” too far away for my tastes.

(Martin Donovan, Weeds Season 2) adds a familiar character actor face to the movie.

Executive producers are: George Clooney, Ben Cosgrove and Steven Soderbergh

Wind Chill trailer:

Using a college ride board for finding mates made me think of another movie, Kalifornia.

David Duchovny has written a book about serial killers that was just published. He and his girlfriend (Michelle Forbes) decide to celebrate by taking a cross country trip to California (where they plan on living once they get there), visiting infamous murder sites along the way.

To share expenses, they paired up with Pitt and Lewis off the college ride board. Little did they know they were sharing their ride with a homicidal maniac (Brad Pitt).

This was another movie that started out well but got a bit off the wall at the end.

Excellent cast: Brad Pitt, Juliette Lewis, David Duchovny, and Michelle Forbes.

Kalifornia trailer:

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