Tuesday, March 25


These are some pictures I took the other day playing with the camera.

That is our old camera. I think it still works but I don't have any film for it.

I should find some and try it out.

The camera was used to take those Christmas card pictures.

Aren't we all dressed up? I've never felt comfortable with a tie. Ever.

Garage doorknob. Another cold snowy day with nothing to do.

More old camera pictures.

We got these cards back in the mail last year from the family we had sent them to originally.

It was nice they had kept them all these years. They were probably tucked away in a desk drawer.

I have a drawer like that - a catch all for things I don't want to throw away. I have stuff older than my kids in my drawers - and I know the day after I throw something out, I will need it for something.


olivia said...

Hi there.

Love that old camera ... and your photos of it are great. Love how you've framed them w/ the the old Christmas photocards. And the colours in the your door knob photo are really vibrant ... :)

Got any green stuff growing where you are yet?

Deb said...

Oh what a great camera!!

Linds is really into cameras right now - especially old ones. She also loves fish eye lenses and just bought herself a couple of Holgas.

What a great Christmas card.