Wednesday, September 9

Carousel Horse: Achilles.

One of the many Carousel Horses that decorated the streets of Woodstock Illinois the Summer of 2009.

This is Achilles by Kendall Oliver, Woodstock Illinois.

Being true to form, I waited to the last minute to take pictures of the various Carousel Horses around town.

I took most of the pictures on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend and the rest on Labor day afternoon.

Achilles caught my eye with really rich colors and simplicity of design.

He was located just off the east entrance to the park part of the city square.

From Carousel Horses

Artist: Kendall Oliver, Woodstock Illinois. His words:

Achilles the Trojan Horse: My goal isn’t to make a carousel horse replica of the Trojan Horse, but to create a work of art that represents not only the Trojan Horse itself, but also the mythology surrounding it in the epic poems written by Homer (The Iliad) and Virgil (The Aeneid). The gold and silver symbolize the power this mythology holds, even today. The designs on the saddle mimic black-figure pottery, which was frequently used by the ancient Greeks as a means of story telling on artifacts, such as bowls and vases.

Horses of a Different Color, main reference, HERE

"Horses of a Different Color"
Woodstock, Illinois - Summer 2009

A city-wide outdoor exhibition of painted fiberglass carousel horses measuring 5’ x 5’ is being sponsored by Main Stay Therapeutic Riding Program, Inc., in cooperation with the City of Woodstock, Illinois. The purpose of this show is to raise both funds and awareness for the Main Stay program.

For more than twenty years Main Stay Therapeutic Riding Program has offered equine related therapies that have helped people with physical, developmental, social and emotional disabilities.