Tuesday, May 4

Backyard (tire) fire.

Last Sunday I was out in the backyard (for the first time this year) getting the garden ready for planting.
One spot (and adjoining rocks) is always overrun with small little (fire?) ants.
They swarm up your hands and arms, annoying and sometimes biting while you weed around them.
Later, playing around with the camera, I took a close picture (with lens), closer (with more lens), and a closest (macro).
I don't have a DSLR so it's pretty hard to keep the focus right on. I thought they came out pretty well.
Anyway, fire ants (maybe they are?) in the backyard brought to mind a somewhat local band that's been getting alot of radio play lately,

Backyard Tire Fire: Roadsong #39...


Close. Ants. Bite.


Closer. Ants. Swarm. Bite.


Closest. Ants. Bite.
Backyard Tire Fire is an American trio that formed in Asheville, NC in 2001. The band began in the fall of that year with founding members Ed Anderson (vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Tim Kramp (drums, percussion). After encountering several line-up changes, the Tire Fire moved from Asheville to Athens, Georgia in 2002. They (along with then-bass player Warren Hawk) released their first album Live at the Georgia Theatre later that year.

After the release of their debut album, Backyard Tire Fire relocated once again to Bloomington, Illinois and added Anderson's brother Matt (bass, vocals) into the mix. The Anderson brothers had originally grown up in St. Charles, IL, Tim Kramp in Bloomington, IL and Ed Anderson received his masters in Interpersonal Communication from Illinois State University (located in Normal, IL, Bloomington's sister town).

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