Wednesday, May 5

Letters from the sky.

Remember the spring mini-series from last year? Harper's Island? If not see link below:

so what the fuss: Harper's to Disco Pigs.

(Katie Cassidy from show, mentioned above blog, David Cassidy's daughter, is just now premiering in the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street by the way. And, glad I went back to this old post - I still haven't seen Disco Pigs yet. Ha. Adding to my Netflix queue.!!!!)

This song by Civil Twilight is from Harper Island's soundtrack. Letters from the sky.

I'm starting to hear it more on the radio, it's growing on me. Kind of a Cold Play influence. Muse was mentioned too. I agree.

By the way, this year's version of Harper's Island seems to be Happy Town. I've seen one episode so far. Not unwatcheable. Sheriff reminds me of Stacey Keach. Stephen King influence as most other mystery, supernatural genre summer replacement tv shows are.

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