Tuesday, July 11

Taste of Liz Phair.

Liz Phair at the Taste of Chicago. Posted by Picasa

She's so hot. Clint took this picture. Might explain his jovial mood in the following picture. In fact we made sure we watched the end of her show and because of that we missed our train.

We then had two hours to kill before the next train. There is a sports bar next to the train station. Stopped in there to kill some time. Clint ordered two shots and two beers. After enjoying the shots, we found out they were 7.00 apiece. City bastards. Oh well...

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Chicago's Taste of Chicago has different free concerts usually sponsored by radio stations. This was WXRT's. World Party followed by Fountains of Wayne with the headliner being Liz Phair. Hot day, cold beer, good food, good music, nice sized crowd - not too big.

World Party Posted by Picasa

World Party is a British rock group that really is one person with a really good studio. Karl Wallinger. He's touring with John Turnbull and David Duffy. Their current hit is, "What does it mean now?"

Some other songs of their's that I like: "It is time", "Beautiful dream", "Ship of fools", "Put a message in the box", "Way down now". Songs that stick in your head. In a good way.

Fountains of Wayne Posted by Picasa

Front and center view from Petrillo Music Shell in Grant Park.

Funny little band with a funny little name and funny lyrics.

Stephen King featured the song "Red Dragon Tattoo" (off Utopia Parkway) in his 2004 ABC miniseries Kingdom Hospital. King is a big fan of the group. WIKIPEDIA

Working all day for a mean little man
With a clip-on tie and a rub-on tan
He's got me running 'round the office like a dog around a track
But when I get home,
You're always there to rub my back
(Hey Julie)

They named themselves after a lawn ornament store in Wayne, N.J.
They remind me a little of They Might be Giants.

Songs I'm familiar with are Mexican Wine, Hey Julie, Stacy's Mom.

Stacy's mom has got it goin' on
Stacy's mom has got it goin' on
Stacy's mom has got it goin' on
Stacy's mom has got it goin' on

Stacy, can i come over after school? (after school)
We can hang around by the pool (hng by the pool)
Did your mom get back from her business trip? (business trip)
Is she there, or is she trying to give me the slip? (give me the slip)
You know, I'm not the little boy that I used to be
I'm all grown up now, baby can't you see

Stacy's mom has got it goin' on
She's all I want and I;ve waited for so long
Stacy, can't you see you're just not the girl for me
I know it might be wrong but I'm in love with Stacy's mom

MILF (my comment)

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