Tuesday, July 18

It was a dark and stormy night...

Angry sky. Posted by Picasa Stupid to be standing outside taking pictures, but that's me.Stupid.

Yes, his sunroof was open. Posted by Picasa

This was approximately 10:00 pm. looking across our backyard towards the end the house and at Clint's Jeep. It's hard to get a good picture at night, but those clouds were really ominous looking. Kinda like the clouds and spirits that were brewing up in the sky in Ghostbusters.

After enduring another ninety plus degree day with high humidity, this was refreshing. Of course, the power going out later, the wind storm, and the broken tree limbs took away some of the glow of the moment. Ah, summer.

Backyard looking south. Posted by Picasa


melodyann said...

busterp, what awesome pictures! beautful, just freakin beautiful

busterp said...

Thanks melodyann. The sky was like that for about an hour. just freakin cool!