Monday, July 3

Tess the exciteable puppy.

This is Tess, my niece's yellow labrador puppy. She likes playing in the waterdish just like my daughter's dog Cubbie; that's Cubbie, named after a small bear. Certainly not after the other baseball team that appears from time to time in Chicago. Not after that team that causes home crowds to angrily throw items out onto the playing field. No, not them.

I've had my camera for about 6 months now and just started experimenting with some of the other features besides click and on and off. Just kidding. Actually, I did find I can take the videos with a higher resolution than I did here. And longer. But they take forever to load if you have dialup so maybe in this case it's better.

I always liked directors like Hitchcock, Lynch, DePalma, M. Night Shyamalan . I'm looking for screenplays for an appproximate 5 minute movie in the suspense, horror genre. Psycho meets the 6th Sense meets Body Double. You got to start somewhere.

Video extra: As I was taking this, sitting on top of a picnic table with a drink, you can hear my brother in law asking if he could borrow some charcoal from me for his grill. And you can here me foolishly answering, yea. I never think to tell him I'm out. Stupid me.

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