Tuesday, August 22

No, not another one!

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I haven't gotten sick of BLT's yet. In fact, I need to eat more mayo so I have somewhere to pour the bacon grease. Best sandwich ever not in the hamburger category / or roast beef category.

No, I was referring to another summer being almost gone.

About 10 days and counting down. School starts tomorrow. There is only one weekend before labor day. Football has started. Damn. And I was just getting caught up with the gas bill. Too many things to do yet.

We really didn't take a vacation, but I did find time to garden and read. And relax.

We did a couple of Chicago road trips which were fun. By the way, Isn't Crazy by Gnarles Barkley the song of the summer? I haven't got sick of it yet. Raconteurs' Level would be my second choice. I remember different summers by it's music.


Mike Todd said...

Dude! I missed your posting about the Femmes. They were my buddies' favorite bnad all through high school and college. Does that make me cooler? No? Figured.

Nice tomatoes. Oh, and I remember the Green Day/Offspring/Weezer summer. That was a good one.

melodyann said...

You know what I haven't had this summer? Fried green tomatoes....

Ah, the crispy greasy crusty goodness of a fried green 'mater...