Thursday, August 31

Reached the peak.

At the top. Posted by Picasa

Late morning. That has nothing to do about the flowers, it's more about the time I took the pictures.

On my way out the door, running 20 minutes late already, I wanted to grab a few quick pictures of the blooming morning glories. The flowers coming from the little seeds I planted last spring have finally reached to top of the old bird house pole. They must be 100 feet tall!!!! How I love hyperbole.

Real tall. Posted by Picasa

I grew them for the first time last summer. They took over the sides of the garage. Their vines twisted back and forth so many times they looked like they could give Jack and that beanstalk a run for their money if I pointed them in one direction. That's where I got the idea this year to have them grow up the pole. I tied twine and fishing line to the base on top and connected them to a section of garden fence on the bottom.

They didn't have the best light during the day but finally made the peak last Friday. I was waiting for a little more foliage and flowers before I took the pictures.

Closeup. Posted by Picasa

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