Tuesday, August 8

Hula girl at Lollapalooza.

Strangely captivating. She had me under a spell. (kidding) She was good though. Posted by Picasa

Won two three day passes to Lollapalooza 2006. August 4,5 and 6 at Grant Park Chicago.

Day one I went in with Amy and took pictures (including the fine one of Hula Girl). Actually I pictured more crazy stuff going on in the fringes. Really wasn't. There didn't even seem to be much pot being smoked. Or at least I couldn't find any.

Amy taking a break. Posted by Picasa

Groups we saw on Friday: Aqualung (heard coming in), Panic! At the Disco, eels (from another stage), Ryan Adams, Umphreys McGee (end of), The Secret Machines, The Raconteurs, Violent Femmes and Death Cab for Cutie.
Panic! At the Disco was a new group to me. They had strangely dressed dancers performing with them. It worked. Did I say strange?
Ryan Adams was mellow and we were hot so we walked about a 100 miles to the other end of the park and saw the end of Umphreys McGee. They were more rocking than I remember. They should have been our first choice.

The Raconteurs with Jack White sounded like a Jack White group. Loud, pounding, 3 chords. Picture below:

Jack White. The Raconteurs. Posted by Picasa

The Violent Femmes with Gordon Gano are a local favorite. From the intro on their CD:

The Violent Femmes — they bring all their equipment on the bus. And you can't fuck with the Violent Femmes. You cannot fuck with this band!
— From Add it Up, prev. unreleased demo, 1981

Violent Femmes. Posted by Picasa

Sounded sweet though they didn't look that rebellious or full of rage. They had a lot of fun though. Not pretentious.

Death Cab for Cutie did all their hits. Not as loud as I would have liked. (Later in the week, people living in those highrises in the background started a petition bitching about the noise. I say crank it up more. )

Death Cab for Cutie. Posted by Picasa

My legs were killing me at the end of the day but I did the same with Clint on Saturday.

Gnarls Barkley and Wolfmother were the highlights of Saturday. Sunday while I recouped, Amy and Clint enjoyed Pepper and the RHCP.

Long weekend.


melodyann said...

busterp, you get to go to all the cool places...

I never get to go anywhere.

Does it make me old if I have no idea whatsofuckinever who any of those bands are?

...'cept maybe I heard my kid mention something about death cab for cutie...

busterp said...

They're all good. Keeps me young.