Wednesday, December 6

It's classified.


Pleasant surprise though it seems to have lost some of it's purple / lavender colo(u)r.

A different picture each day. And I was lucky enough to be selected on a good news day.

Example: Local man, 42, shoots at two young men loitering around his car at 3:00 a.m. after calling out "What are you doing?"

He hit one of them with three .22 slugs. The two ran off to the local hospital where the youth was being treated for non-life threatening wounds. No charges yet because it hasn't been determined whether they did any thing wrong other than being out on the street.

The shooter just went to bed. Never even called the police. He was arrested and now is out on bail. The best part of the story was when the next door neighbor was quoted, "I'm sure going to think twice before borrowing any sugar from my neighbor."

Anyway, I think there were getting to be too many pictures of kids playing in leaf piles or sitting on bales of straw in pumpkin patches.

Late Edition:

This was in the same set of pictures. Everything came out so clear I had to post it.

One of the two chairs holds my floodlight for dog softball workouts after work. I hit Cubbie softballs from this tree ( bat leaning on it). The hanging rag is for wiping your hands of dog drool. The rag hangs from the combo squirrel feeder, drink holder.

The small trees are the ones from the previous picture. Then, there is the cornfield with the new subdivision intruding in from the left.


Toccata said...

Zoomed in and saw your name in print. Pretty cool. You're famous! Loved the neighbour's response.

mellowlee said...

Wow, that's pretty cool :)

Deb said...

Oh, what a gorgeous photo....nothing like sunshine and snow! And great job on the one in print - any of your photos could qualify. They're excellent shots and you're really an amazing photographer.

"Intruding" is right....seems very "out of place".

What a story...I don't think it would be a good house to "trick or treat" at?!!

Deb said...
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