Monday, December 18

Merry Christmas, Com Ed.

Yesterday was unseasonably warm. Amy convinced me to put up the upper swags. It was a 10 minute job that took over an hour. Damn wires were all tangled up. Looks good though. Amy put up all of the rest.

Merry Christmas.

Notice there is no snow? Fifteen inches melted in two weeks. Strange winter so far.


Deb said...

That looks absolutely gorgeous. Just right...not the "overkill" that some do.

Sad that the snow's's all gone here too. I wish we'd have a bit more for Christmas.

And a merry one to you too! All the best to you and your family.

Toccata said...

Nice decorations! Amy had the right idea. Your ten minute job that turned into an hour was worth it. I also like your bushes filled with lights. Lights in trees are one of my faves.

mellowlee said...

Wow that looks amazing! Thanks for posting the pix!

olivia said...

Nice job w/ the lights! And you're right about the weird weather ... we've got yellow dandelion flowers here on Dec 25th when we should have a couple feet of snow. :/