Monday, December 4

Red and White.

Backyard, neighbors trees in a Christmas tree shape triangle.

Garden sunflower.

We got socked with snow just after Bob Seeger. Just after. Five hours after going to sleep, we awoke to over a foot on the ground. Here are a couple of snow pictures, probably the first of many for this winter.

Doing this in reverse. I couldn't get the snow pictures to work on the bottom without errors. Oh well. Saturday we saw Geneva Red at a local bar just 2 or 3 blocks from home. A local artist that plays all over the country, I had read about her but never saw her and was unfamiliar with her music. Not anymore.

She's six feet tall, slim, with long red hair and a harmonica. She does the blues. As a harmonica player, she is considered world class. She tours with a band (Geneva Red & the Roadsters) and sometimes, like Saturday night, just performs with one other person. That would be Jack 5 and dime. (Woolworth). He plays the drums, banjo, guitar and anything else needed while Red does the harp.

Funny thing. We had a front table. During warmup, he came up to me and introduced himself. I guess I had known him about 30 years ago. He was a friend of my sisters and I helped them procure hard to obtain beverages as well as partied with him. Lost memory. Ha.

She played in high heels. Liked the lights low. The music loud. One song was from the top of the bar, other times just walking among the tables. She also had a selection where she plays the harmonica(hands free) while clapping her hands to the beat. Damn.

Geneva Red

They didn't have anything on youtube but she did this selection from the Duane Allman Anthology. Loan me a dime. (close your eyes - stupid video comes with it). Sung by Boz Skaggs. She amplified the sound from her harmonica and almost sounded better than the guitar did. It's a long song and unfortunately the best guitar get cut off at the end. It gives you a taste of the sound and type of music she played.


Deb said...

Hey, thanks for the heads up on Red...will definitely look for more of her. I really love the blues and especially the harmonica. Playing while clapping, now THAT I'd love to see. Great post!

mellowlee said...

Oooh, boy did you ever get a load of snow!! Gorgeous photos as always! I love the music!