Sunday, May 13

15 second video. Saturday planting with Wilco.


Excuse the lack of enthusiasm in my voice. Planting flowers is relaxing but also a long drawn out task. This was after about 2 hours of cleaning out / digging out areas for bulbs. Amy always gives me too many things to plant - she has a terrible concept of gardening space (room). I always make them fit somehow. Ha. She just enjoys the cuttings later in the year. Kids.

NPR is my station of choice on Saturday afternoons but it also scares me a bit because I used to associate it with older people. Saturdays have Car Talk, Whad'ya Know?, 3 hours of Blues from Northern Illinois Dekalb, Prairie Home.

Anyway, maybe its catching up with me.
Wilco (described as a Chicago alt band - with the "alt" out of touchingly mispronounced as "alt" in altitude) was featured on A Prairie Home Companion. That made me feel better - I catch so much crap from my kids when they hear one of the "banjo" or "fiddle" type groups that are more the norm.

Happy Mother's Day to all it applies to. I'm walking over two yards to celebrate Mumsy's at my sister's house in about an hour. Hope it warms up some. I'm feeling guilty being inside but I needed to let my deviled eggs warm up to room temperature. Sooo good. Sooo bad for you. Or so "they" say - I'll still enjoy them with potato salad and burgers today.

Rock and Roll Mumsy 5-13-2007.


olivia said...

Yay for planting ... it's finally that time of year. Love the short vid too ... :)

Mmmmm ... devilled eggs, potato salad, and burgers ... mmmmmmm.

Toccata said...

Devilled eggs bad for you? No that can't be right.

Like how you're making the peace sign in your shadow.

busterp said...

Hi Olivia and Toccata. The vids are always fun. Reminds me of what I was doing.

The eggs were great. I even got compliments. Yea!


Deb said...

All the best things are "bad" for you....pffft is what I say. Life's too short to worry about all that.

I love the rock & roll mumsy...she looks like a doll. Hope you all had a great day.

(Oh, and so excited - I finally figured out a way to watch your videos!!)