Thursday, August 9

Garden sandwich.

Garden Walk.

I still entertain myself walking around the yard taking videos. I took these during a stretch of really hot and humid weather with rain forest like downpours during the night. I had kept up with weeds for the most part though all this rain is sure to get me behind again.

Analogy wise, the middle of this post should be something I like (and filling).

I got Icky Thump as a belated Father's Day present. The more I hear 300 MPH, the more I like it. Bluesy.

They do alot without a bass guitar and the lyrics as usual are interesting. That made me think of Portland Oregon, which I also liked for the lyrics. And of course Loretta does a great job.

Portland Oregon, Van Lear Rose Loretta Lynn with Jack White.

300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues, Icky Thump White Stripes.

Garden Walk, backwards with an appearance by Cubbie (above of course).

Lastly, back and front of the garage.

Odds and ends of pots. The morning glories don't seem to mind.

More moonflower.

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olivia said...

Hi there busterp. Been awhile since we visited, so it's good to see your having a green summer ... lovely blooms too.