Monday, August 20

I got tagged.

The Other Ones at Alpine Valley, looking up the hill. We were stage right and had this view. (I only brought a disposable camera and it was too dark to take any good pictures.)

Deb tagged me. (See what I get for being nice and wishing her a nice weekend?)

1.) I shook Phil Lesh's hand backstage at a concert. (see above)

2.) I've owned a 65 Corvette convertible, a (new) 72 Monte Carlo, a 74 Corvette T-top, a Harley, a Triumph (still own - doesn't run). I currently have loans out in my name for my kid's 2001 Honda Civic SI (sweet car, 5 speed - very fast) and a 2001 Grand Cherokee. And what do I drive? A 1998 Cavalier with 140,000 miles on it. At least it has a sunroof.

3.) I'd rather sit outside and read on Sunday afternoons in the fall than watch football. And to make that even worse, I have NPR on rather than the game. (Daughter Amy gets disgusted with me.)

4.) I was a fire bug when I was a kid. I started fires in our "old" barn (not the cow barn, a lesser used barn - very stupid - a friends brother died in a barn fire when I was about 10).

5.) I've never seen Citizen Kane (some say the finest movie ever made) but have seen Howard the Duck , Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Adventures in Babysitting a total combined 25 or more times.

6.) Stole a car idling outside a local bar and left it across town still running. More of a prank than anything but it also saved me from walking home. (It ran out of gas before they found it.)

(Pretty close to what I climbed. Sitting on the domed top was scary.)

7.) I don't necessarily like heights but when I was a kid on the farm, I climbed to the top of our silo and sat on top of it just to prove I could (the rungs that you climbed up on were horribly bent down and looked like they would pull out of the concrete).

8.) I don't get excited about getting together for holidays. I try to arrive late and leave early. Some of my siblings annoy me, but then after a couple drinks they end up being alright. (That could be taken two ways - my drinks or their's.)

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Deb said...

Wow, I love these tags because you learn so much about people. Yours was especially entertaining.

I also love football, but have to agree that I only actually sit and "watch" it when it's crummy weather outside...I'd rather enjoy fall days outside. But come snow or rain, I'm inside watching the games.

My son used to be a bit of a firebug and I always was scared of his love of matches. Luckily he never torched anything, although I know he'd have loved to.