Friday, July 27

Dog days of summer.

Dog days of summer. By the way, did you know John Cazale only made five feature films? Amazing. He sure established a himself as a character actor in a very short time. Reminds me a little of Gary Oldman for some reason - more for immersing one's self into character than for looks.

Anyway, the best I have is a good joke I received via email (above) and a 15 second video I forgot to put in last post. Have a nice weekend.

Another version: Bob(the cat) made me. I look at it this way: I remember having to work the night of the last *M*A*S*H* (VCR's were about $ 700.00 then and yes, I missed it, finally seeing about 5 years later (quick note: my boss taped it and invited me over to watch it. I couldn't do it ) and going back even further, missing the end to The Fugitive (such a tortured soul, David Janssen). If I can capture 15 seconds of any day and look back at it from any computer, anywhere, anytime, it's got to be cool in it's own little way. I love technology...

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