Tuesday, September 11

Dahlia show.

Dahlia festival, St Charles, Illinois

Sunday was beautiful. It was opening day for the NFL but the Bears weren't scheduled to play until 3:00PM. In hindsight, it wasn't much of a game to watch anyway.

St. Charles Illinois is a pretty city on the Fox River about 40 miles south of us. They were having their 41st (I had never heard of - where have I been? Ha.) dahlia flower show at a local resort.

I've been growing the simple, smaller, round, red dahlias for years. They flower all summer but I have to dig them up before it freezes and store them in the basement. It is worth the effort though.

Clint and Jenni had seen notice of the show so we all decided to take a drive down there. Had fun. They also treated me to lunch. Perfect day.

Football update: I was cruising at 10 and 4 Sunday, surviving some close games.

Monday killed me. First Baltimore couldn't score in the red zone, losing to Cincy. The (quite) later game had San Fran beating my pick, Arizona, in the last seconds. A possible 12 and 4 ended up a pedestrian 10 and 6. I hate football pools!!!

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Deb said...

That dahlia picture is absolutely stunning! I'd like that as a picture on the wall....well done.

I've been playing Sports Action (football) but the ties (3 point games) are killing me.