Friday, September 14

Eastern Promises.

This looks good to me. Roger Ebert gives it 4 stars.

I've liked most of Cronenberg's movies. I think Scanners or Videodrome (with Blondie and a much younger looking James Woods) was one of the first of his I've seen. They were both memorable. I also enjoyed his next couple, The Dead Zone (Stephen King) and The Fly.

I recall Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis were an item around that time. One other thing I remember about that movie was when Goldblum's character notices a "hair" growing out of his body (I don't remember where) and he couldn't cut it - it was a "fly" hair and really strong and wirey. Ewww.

I also really liked Cronenberg's dark, moody, sexy, and violent Crash with James Spader and Holly Hunter. In fact, I may do something on Spader in the future. He has done quite a wide variety of characters - almost always coming across smart and / or cocky, or at the least self assured. He reminds me of me (I wish).

David Cronenberg reunites with Viggo Mortensen, star of their "A History of Violence" (2005) "Nothing much happens here" (from the trailer) could be the motto of most towns I've lived in..

History was an entertaining, violent movie. Not the best, slightly predictable, but I liked it anyway. I'm looking forward to Eastern Promises.

Eastern Promises trailer:

A History of Violence trailer:

Videodrome (with Blondie(Debbie Harry) and James Woods) trailer:


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Just stopped by to say hi and catch up on all the news. Roger Ebert is my favorite movie reviewer. I just think he is such a good writer.

I like how you did the dahlia slideshow. That's really cool. The dahlia set against the black backdrop is really effective. That flower just pops out at you.

Hope you're having a good weekend.

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