Thursday, September 20

Wind and rail.

Sunday my brother and sister in law had a birthday party for their daughter, Seneca.

It was a nice late summer / fall-like day to mingle outside and watch bit and pieces of football games on the garage TV. Terrible reception but the Bears managed to win, making it worthwhile.

He is an avid Saturday auction follower. Many strange things follow him home. The railroad crossing above is mixed in with Seneca's playset, jungle gym, trampoline, rope swing, and other assorted toys. (Did I mention it is his first kid?)

Always something interesting. The windmill is in my brother's backyard. It's probably 25 feet high. I cranked up the shutter speed to stop the motion - it was windy out. He also has a real farm windmill he bought for parts. That is in much worse shape. We don't even get surprised at what he buys anymore. Ha.

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Toccata said...

Oh wow, an old fashioned teeter-totter. I used to love those things. The new ones suck you can't do nearly as many cool things on them.

That windmill is so pretty. I really like the red on the end of each blade. The red must make it it look pretty impressive when moving.