Tuesday, July 15

Garden stuff: 2008.

Summer is officially here. I'm starting to get some morning glories. I took these pictures just before work this morning.

Right now they are at a manageable size - but they are extending their vines, reaching out as we speak.

I tie up strings so they can grow up over the garden fence they are on.

They end up covering the corner of my garage and the same with my side porch.

More pictures as they progress. I like them at this size because you notice individual flowers more, but as they grow bigger, then you notice all the color at once. It's a trade off I guess.

Morning glorious.

Corner of my side porch where the morning glories are already reaching the porch roof.

This is a good place for revolving plants in and out of the sun. I switch them all every couple of days.

Glories and others.

I was standing on a lawn chair, tying up strings for the morning glories to climb on.

This was shooting over my head and over the edge of the porch roof - right into afternoon sun.

Worked out fine. I was even lucky with the focus.

Morning glory vine.

Also just off the porch, I have some red lily flowers growing. Aimers gave me bulbs a couple years ago.

Each year they get bigger and prettier. Wish I knew the name of them.

Nice thing about them is I don't have to dig them up in the winter.

Must be because they are close to the house and don't get as cold / frozen.

Red lilys.


olivia said...

Hey there!

Things are really growing there now ... :-) The morning glory is beautiful, but wow! That shot w/ the sun ... and you can see all the little hairs. Fantastic!

busterp said...

Thanks Olivia. We got alot of rain early in the year making it easy to grow things. No drought this year.

olivia said...

No, no drought indeed. We've had similar here too - lots of rain. It's very lush this year ... :-)